From first-time writer/director Mischa Webley comes this gripping, atmospheric thriller that stars Chadwick Boseman as Lt. Samuel Drake, a troubled vet plagued by his actions while deployed in Iraq. Living out of a rundown motel room, he works the lonely nighttime streets of Portland as a cab driver and during the day attends a vets group led by Marshall (Billy Zane).

When two executives from a private military contractor (played by Peter Greene and Ted Rooney) track him down one night, they bring Drake a new mission, with no option to refuse: track down and kill Sgt. Devin Carter (Tory Kittles), a deeply troubled Marine Corps. sniper gone AWOL deep in the mountains of Oregon. He knows the truth about Drake’s past and is on a murderous spree targeting members of the contracting firm.

Against the backdrop of the beautiful Pacific Northwest wilderness, The Kill Hole tells the haunting story of one man forced to confront his violent past, and the uneasy bond he forms with the mysterious assassin he must confront in his quest for redemption.